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The Best Way to Manage Training and Education – Learning Management Software

The usage of Internet has greatly benefited a large number of users, due to the wealth of updated information that is available just a click away. With the growth of the Internet, many online educational programs and courses have also emerged, through which knowledge can directly be transferred, irrespective of geographical location. For imparting this knowledge, learning management software has been created for students and employees, which incorporates the different training modules and also tracks the progress of users.

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SCORM and the Learning Management System (LMS)

What actually is SCORM? SCORM, Shareable Content Object Reference Model, is a standard for web-based e-learning that has been developed to define communication between client-side content and a runtime environment. In the context of this article, the client-side content would be the course launched by a student and the runtime environment would be a Learning Management System. The SCORM standard has undergone several version releases from SCORM v1.0 in 1999 to the SCORM 2004 3rd Edition in 2006. The purpose of this article is to look in a little more detail at the communication flow between the LMS and a course that is SCORM v2.1 compliant. The intention is not to review every possible communication but just the main calls. We will look at SCORM in the context of a SCORM course, i.e. a course that has been developed and built to communicate with a Learning Management System using the SCORM standard.

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